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Bedding Plants (Annuals)


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At Dunvegan Gardens we grow most of the bedding plants, perennials, and poinsettias that we sell throughout the year. We also carry a wonderful selection of prairie hardy trees and shrubs for your yard, and water plants for your pond or water feature.


At Dunvegan Gardens we commonly refer to our seed-grown plants as Bedding Plants and plants propagated by cutting as Basket Stuffers.  Many plants, such as geraniums and petunias can be grown from seed or from cutting.


Not all varieties grown at our greenhouses are listed here.  Some varieties listed here may not be available.


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Common Name Series/Variety Height Spread Bloom Colour Sunlight Description/Care
RED HOT POKER Flamenco 32" 12" Mix Sun or Part Shade AAS winner.  Early blooming mix of yellows, oranges, and fiery reds.
RHODOCHITON Bells Purple 10' 12" Purple Sun or Part Shade Masses of tubular purple flowers. Ideal for climbing or in hanging baskets.
RUDBECKIA Cherokee Sunset 30" 12" Mix of Sunset colors Full Sun Big, very double flowers show off a bright mix of yellow, bronze, orange, and brown tones.
RUDBECKIA Indian Summer 36 - 42" 11" Yellow Golden Full Sun Large daisy-like flowers.
RUDBECKIA Spotlight 8 - 10" 8 - 10" Yellow / Brown Spots Full Sun Large daisy-like flowers. Outstanding garden performance throughout season.
RUDBECKIA Summer Light 8" 8" Gold Full Sun Abundant blooms of pure gold with dark brown disks.
RUDBECKIA Toto Gold 9" 7" Golden - yellow Full Sun Thrives in full sun. Weather and heat tolerant, 2-3" round flowers.
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